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Master of Science Industrial Pharmacy

MSc Course Industrial Pharmacy

The master course of Industrial Pharmacy is a world-leading study programme in English language covering all aspects of pharmaceutical sciences in an industrial setting. Undertaking a trans-disciplinary approach, the course utilizes a range of perspectives from diverse fields and integrates them with industry experiences, case studies, real-world projects and self-directed studies, equipping graduates with an understanding of the state-of-the-art concepts, basic and advanced scientific technologies to transform scientific research into industrial practice. Hands-on working experience is an important component of the course.

The master program prepares students to participate in a variety of emerging careers in pharmaceutical industry and related areas. Graduates may be employed for drug discovery, development, production, quality control, quality assurance and management, regulatory affairs, and equipment managers in both pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers.

Course Duration and Attendance

This course is offered on a two-year, full-time basis. Part-time work or telework enrolment is not possible. Recommended study tracks adapted to the varying basic education are available in the Handbook of Modules.

Master thesis

The practical work on the master thesis may be performed at an academic institution or an industrial organisation in any part of the world. The thesis will be solely submitted to and defended at the Heinrich Heine University.

Entry and Admission Requirements

Application is only possible for fall semester starting from 1st Oct of each year. Application deadlines are published on the website of the Heinrich Heine University.
Please read all information carefully before making an application for the fall semester 2023/24.
Application time frame will be 1st May to 15th July 2023. Please note that earlier registration can not be processed.

Candidates must have completed the second state examination in pharmacy or a bachelor's degree in either pharmacy, pharmaceutics, biology, chemistry or engineering with focus on processing technologies, or an equivalent or higher qualification.

The admission to the study course is limited to 40 students per year, details are provided in the "Entry and Adminiatration Regulation". For further information regarding the application process see How do I apply.

International students

International students are warmly welcomed. To obtain a visa, students from outside the European Union must enroll full-time and on campus. Further information is available at the International Office of the Heinrich Heine University.

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