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Information for the prospective students

Internationals Club-IP

"Welcome, global explorers! Here we will discover endless opportunities and make lifelong connections on our international Club-IP student website, for the students enrolled in the Masters of Science Industrial Pharmacy. Join our diverse community and let's explore the world together!"

What we are doing:

  • Promoting cultural exchange and understanding
  • Facilitating social interaction between students from different culture
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Support and assist the students in their transition to university life in HHU
  • Serve as a bridge to encourage formation of friendships and networks that transcend borders
  • Aim at providing guidance and resources that enable students to thrive academically, socially and emotionally

Buddy program

"Building bridges of friendship through the Buddy Program"

Our Buddy program is established to help the newly registered students in the Masters of Science Industrial Pharmacy, at HHU, to transitions and get along easily and smoothly in to the HHU life. Our buddies will be able to provide information, guidance and social support to help new students feel more at home.

  • Orientation and welcome activities
  • Regular and on-going support and assistance
  • Conduct social activities to improve and develop friendship and socialisation
  • Help in the educational area and guide in skill building activities
  • Organise creative activities

Study assistence program

"Study smarter, not harder with our assistance"

Our Study Assistance program is developed to help the registered students in the Masters of Science Industrial Pharmacy, at HHU, to guide, prepare and help improve the academic performance. With this platform we would like to reach out to the barriers faced by the students during their academic times.

  • Providing academic support
  • Tutoring, study sessions, and help with coursework.
  • Assist students to prep for the lab day.
  • Guide to protocol writing, reference writing, use of research engines etc.

Tandem program

" Join our Tandem Partner Program and embark on a journey of words, friendships, and endless possibilities."

Our Tandem partner program will help students to unlock a world of cultural exchange, language mastery, and lifelong friendships.

  • Cultural immersion events, to help learn diversity in cultures and traditions.
  • Conversations clubs, to help students improve communication and build confidence.
  • Outdoor events and adventures can be planned.

Want to join our programs or need support? Contact us!

For detailed information just apply for a membership!


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