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Compulsory Modules

  • MIP-C01 Pharmaceutical Development
  • MIP-C02 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • MIP-C03 Quality Control
  • MIP-C04 Quality Management
  • MIP-C05 Drug Regulatory Affairs 

Optional Compulsory Modules

  • MIP-O01 Drug Discovery
  • MIP-O02 Drug Synthesis
  • MIP-O03 Medicinal Chemistry
  • MIP-O04 Natural Products
  • MIP-O05 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • MIP-O06 Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • MIP-O07 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
  • MIP-O08 Statistics and DoE
  • MIP-O09 Stability Testing

Elective Modules

  • MIP-E01 Regulatory Framework
  • MIP-E02 Process and Plant Design
  • MIP-E03 Medical Devices
  • MIP-E05 Design and Supply of Clinical Studies
  • MIP-E06 Project Management
  • MIP-E07 Intellectual Properties
  • MIP-E08 International Pharma Business
  • MIP-E09 Continuous Manufacturing


Handbook of Modules

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