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Research Topics

Our research focuses on the development of anti-infective, epigenetic and anti-cancer agents. We are targeting therapy-resistant tumors and microorganisms. Moreover, we are focusing on neglected and rare disease.

Selected drug targets are the enzymes of the non-mevalonate isoprenoid biosynthesis (e.g. IspC (Dxr) from P. falciparum and M. tuberculosis), human and parasitic histone deacetylases (HDACs), bromodomains (BRD) and the heat shock protein Hsp90.

We design metalloenzyme inhibitors and inhibitors of protein-protein interactions; especially non-peptidic, relatively low molecular weight α-helix mimetics.

We also develop syntheses for natural products (fosmidomycin, chlorflavonin), their analogs, for chemical probes (for studies on molecular mechanisms of action), protein degraders (PROTACs: proteolysis targeting chimeras) and epigenetic dual-target inhibitors.

Methods: Organic synthesis, microwave synthesis, solid phase synthesis and molecular modeling.

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