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Masterarbeiten bei Prof. Dr. P. Kleinebudde

  • Simon Toppe (HHU 2023)
    Characterisation of anisotropic diffuse reflection properties of granular media in the NIR range as basis for PAT measurements
  • James Sandlin (HHU 2023)
    Rational design of binder selection in a twin-screw melt granulation process and process optimization to achieve minimal drug degradation
  • Tim-Andreas Moll (HHU 2023)
    Tensile strength of shaped tablets: Computational modeling and experimental validation
  • Stephanie Scheele (HHU 2023)
    Effect of tablet core wettability on quality of film coatings
  • Isidora Vuckovic (HHU 2023)
    Comparison of ribbon density determination in roller compaction
  • Ayesha Siddiqua (HHU 2023)
    The impact of lubricants on the performance of calcium phosphate fillers
  • Katrina Frey (HHU 2022)
    Validation of a model for the prediction of barrel fill level in twin-screw granulation
  • Jonas Gottwald (HHU 2022)
    Development of a worst-case concept for the steam sterilisation of dry good loads in autoclaves
  • Jonas Marqua (HHU 2022)
    CPV Phase III based on a control strategy for a solid drug formulation
  • Fabiola Neftalí Santamaría Alvarez (HHU 2021)
    Influence of refilling on dosing accuracy of loss-in-weight powders feeder in continuous manufacturing
  • Basem Bader Homsi  (HHU 2021)
    Is supersaturation duration of dissolved ASDs a good marker for robustness ?
  • Katharina Kiricenko  (HHU 2020)
    Scaling of twin-screw granulation process