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Masterarbeiten bei Prof. Dr. J. Breitkreutz

  • Malin Astrid Hermeling  (HHU 2021)
    Evaluation of nanoparticle-based process concept for the production of amorphous solid dispersions
    Mitbetreuung: Roman Heumann, Bayer AG

  • Ikram Arahouan  (HHU 2021)
    Investigations on characterization, therapeutic protein interaction and stress resistance of SiO2 coated packaging surfaces in the context of a universal surface container concept
    Mitbetreuung: Dr. Karoline Bechtold-Peters, Novartis AG

  • Maximilian Schulz  (HHU 2021)
    Systematic development of a binder containing ink suitable for binder jetting

  • Bakul Sarker  (HHU 2021)
    Evaluation of an electronic liquid dosing system for individualised capsule dosing
  • Manh Thong Le  (HHU 2020)
    Prediction of tablet properties via ZoomLabTM expert system
  • Hendrik Hübscher  (HHU 2020)
    Impact of binder properties on granule and tablet characteristics produced by twin-screw granulation
    Mitbetreuung: Dr. Christian Mühlenfeld, Ashland