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Aktuelle Themen des Arbeitskreises Breitkreutz

Drug formulations for children and the elderly

   powders, granules, pellets
   orodispersible films 
   solutions, suspensions
   ion-exchange complexes
   taste masking and assessment
   wet, melt and lipid extrusion

Concepts for the indivdualized drug therapy

   dosage forms
   dosage counters
   tablet pens 

Orphan Drugs

   Nonketotic hyperglycinaemia
   Urea cycle defects

Pharmacokinetics of excipients

   toxicity in childhood
   fate of excipients in the body 

Green and sustainable Pharma

   environmental-friendly pharma ingredients
   biodegradable excipients
   advanced analytics for energy and substance savings
   process control and optimisation 

Process analytical technologies (PAT)

   moisture determination by microwave technology
   cleaning validation by capillary HPLC

Analytical devices for drug investigations

   electronic tongue
   in-situ drug dissolution 
   force determination for application devices

Calculation of molecular properties

   three-dimensional solubility parameters
   molecular modelling