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New Master students joined our team


Recently, Deborah Obidake and Büsra Kirmizgül, Master students from the course “Industrial Pharmacy”, joined our team.

Deborah Obidake

“I studied Pharmacy at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria and graduated in 2018. For my master’s thesis, I’m working on the extraction, fractionation and bio-activity guided isolation of anti-tumor secondary metabolites from a marine-derived fungus. I’m interested in natural products research because I find it fascinating that microorganisms can produce secondary metabolites that could serve as lead compounds in drug discovery.”

Büsra Kirmisgül

"I did my bachelor in chemistry at the University of Cologne. I joined the group of Prof. Teusch for my master thesis and I’m enjoying the work in the field of natural products. My work is on the extraction and identification of the secondary metabolites of a marine-derived fungus as well as the screening for bioactivity. Through this opportunity I am able to gain valuable experience and knowledge. "

Neue Publikation


Wir freuen uns, unsere neusten Forschungsergebnisse im International Journal of Molecular Sciences präsentieren zu können.