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Publications Dr. Raphael Wiedey

Ponsar H, Wiedey R, Quodbach J

Hot-melt extrusion process fluctuations and their impact on critical quality attributes of filaments and 3d-printed dosage forms

Pharmaceutics, 12(6):1-15 (2020)


Wilms A, Teske A, Meier R, Wiedey R, Kleinebudde P

Implementing Feedback Granule Size Control in a Continuous Dry Granulation Line Using Controlled Impeller Speed of the Granulation Unit, Compaction Force and Gap Width

J. Pharm. Innov. (2020)


Sun Y, Spieß A, Jansen C, Nuhnen A, Gökpinar S, Wiedey R, Ernst SJ, Janiak C

Tunable LiCl@UiO-66 composites for water sorption-based heat transformation applications

J. Mater. Chem. A, 8(26):13364-13375 (2020)


Radtke J, Wiedey R, Kleinebudde P

Effect of coating time on inter- and intra-tablet coating uniformity

Eur. J. Pharm. Sci., 137:104970 (2019)


Wiedey R, Kleinebudde P

Potentials and limitations of thermography as an in-line tool for determining ribbon solid fraction

Powder Technol., 341: 2-10 (2019)


Gökpinar S, Ernst S-J, Hastürk E, Möllers M, El Aita I, Wiedey R, Tannert N, Nießing S, Abdpour S, Schmitz A, Quodbach J, Füldner G, Henninger SK, Janiak C

Air-Con Metal-Organic Frameworks in Binder Composites for Water Adsorption Heat Transformation Systems

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 58(47): 21493-21503 (2019)


Wiedey R, Šibanc R, Kleinebudde P

Laser based thermo-conductometry as an approach to determine ribbon solid fraction off-line and in-line

Int. J. Pharm., 547(1-2): 330-337 (2018)


Wiedey R, Kleinebudde P

Infrared thermography — A new approach for in-line density measurement of ribbons produced from roll compaction

Powder Technol. 337: 17-24 (2018)


Wiedey R, Sibanc R, Wilms A, Kleinebudde P

How relevant is ribbon homogeneity on roll compaction/dry granulation and can it be influenced?

Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm., 133: 232-239 (2018)


Csordas K, Wiedey R, Kleinebudde P

Impact of roll compaction design, process parameters, and material deformation behaviour on ribbon relative density

Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm., 44(8): 1295-1306 (2018)


Wiedey R, Kleinebudde P

The Density Distribution in Ribbons from Roll Compaction

Chem. Ing. Tech., 89 (8): 1017-1024 (2017)


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