Our equipment provides an insight into our work at the institute.

Equipment for the Formulation of Dosage Forms

Twin screw extruder: Leistritz Micro 27 GL-28D
Twin screw extruder: Thermo Pharma HME 16
Spheronizer: Schlüter RM 300
High shear mixer: Diosna P/VAC-10
Fluid bed equipment: Glatt GPCG1 (Rotor, Wurster, Top-Spray)
Fluid bed coater: Mycrolab coater Hüttlin
Drum coater: Bohle BFC 5
Tablet press: Styl'One Evolution
Rotary tablet press: IMA Pressima
Pneumohydraulic tablet press: Röltgen FlexiTab
Roller compactor: Gerteis Minipactor
Roller compactor: Bohle BRC25
Spray dryer: Büchi Minispray Dryer B-191
Mixer: Bohle Labor-Mischer LM20
3D printer: Prodim XXL Pro
3D-Bioplotter: Envisiontec
2D printer: PixDro LP50

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Equipment for Characterization

Dissolution test apparatus: Erweka
Dissolution test apparatus: Sotax
Hardness tester: Fischerscope HM 2000
Ring shear cell: Dr-Ing. D. Schulze RST01
Mercury intrusion: Porotec (Thermo Finnigan) Pascal 140 / 440
Impactor (NGI)
Disintegration tester: Sotax DT2
FT-NIR: Bruker MPA
Raman analyser with PhAT probe: Kaiser Optical Systems RXN2 Hybrid
X-ray diffractometer: PANalytical X'Pert PRO
Thermoanalysis: Mettler DSC 1
Dynamic water sorption: Projekt Messtechnik SPS11
Drop shape analysis system: Krüss DSA 100
Tensiometer: Krüss Processor Tensiometer K100
Electronic tongue: Astree
Electronic tongue: Insent
Helium pycnometer: Micromeritics AccuPyc 1330
Envelope density: Micromeritics GeoPyc 1360
Capillary rheometer: Malvern RH 2000
Mixer torque rheometer: Brabender
Image analysis: Retsch Camsizer XT
Laser diffraction: SympaTec Rodos T4
SEM: Phenom G2 pro
Laser diffraction: Malvern Mastersizer 3000
Rheometer: Malvern Kinexus
Tablet tester: Smart Test 50

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HPLC: VWR-Hitachi
Gas adsorption (BET): Micromeritics TriStar
Texture analyser: Stable Micro Systems TA XT2i

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